The conditions contained herein, as well as the particular ones that may be agreed between the parties, will regulate the relations established between AMARE TURISMO NAUTICO, S.L. (hereinafter “the company”) and the users of the services it offers (hereinafter “the client” or “the passenger”)

In the development of these conditions, the applicable Spanish legal regulations and provisions have been taken into account, such as Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the Consolidated Text of the General Law on Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws.

Passengers expressly accept the conditions and terms of the nautical services offered and especially those contained herein.

    1. The company’s purpose is to provide various nautical services.
    2. This website informs customers of the different services offered and marketed by the company.
    3. The contracting and all the procedures for the reservation will be made via email to our email or by phone at +34650410322.
    4. The availability of the services offered on this website must be previously verified with the company through the authorized means that also appear on it.
  2. PRICE
    1. The prices of the different nautical routes offered on this website appear in their cheapest option and will remain valid for as long as they remain accessible to customers. The price of the requested nautical services that do not appear on this website will be the one that appears in the budget sent through our electronic means.
    2. The price may vary depending on the number of passengers who finally make the journey.
    3. The price must be consulted for verification. Likewise, passengers will be promptly informed of the finally corresponding rate.
    4. The company reserves the right to modify prices to cover possible variations in costs. This circumstance will be communicated to all confirmed reservations. Clients may choose between canceling their reservation without any penalty or maintaining said reservation.
    1. The passenger may make their payments by bank transfer, credit card or cash as well as any other means agreed between the parties.
    2. For the formalization of the reservation we will request a payment. The reservation will only be finally formalized when the payment is made.
    3. In cases where the client does not proceed with the payment within 5 days after sending the reservation confirmation, the company will have the right to cancel without prior notice and to impose charges corresponding to the management expenses of said reservation.
    1. The penalties for cancellations of reservations are:
      1. Cancellations in advance of more than 30 days: without penalty
      2. Cancellations between 30 and 15 days before departure: 50% penalty
      3. Cancellations between 15 days before and the same day of departure: 100% penalty
      4. Cancellations due to duly justified force majeure without penalty
    2. Cancellations must be processed in writing via email to our email
    1. The company reserves the right to modify activities when necessary for organizational, commercial or security reasons.
    2. When the modification is significant, the company will notify the client in writing of these modifications as soon as it is aware of them. The client may choose between:
      1. Accept the modification with the stipulation of the new conditions and the corresponding price.
      2. Cancellation of the reservation with return of the payments made without any type of penalty.
      3. Change for another nautical activity with the same characteristics, or, where appropriate, for a higher or lower one with the corresponding adjustment of prices, either upwards or downwards, prior confirmation of availability.
    3. The client will have to communicate his decision in writing within 3 days of receiving the communication. In the case of lack of notification, it will be understood that you opt for cancellation without penalty.
    4. The company may assign another product to the client as long as it has similar characteristics to those of the object of the reservation, in this case the clients will only be entitled to the payment of the amount corresponding to the difference in price, in the case of a lower priced product.
    5. The company is empowered to modify the announced schedules and even suspend and cancel the trip for internal, technical-logistical or organizational reasons, as well as due to weather or force majeure without prior notice. In this case, the client will receive a voucher valid for 1 year from the scheduled date of the canceled departure for later use. The passenger expressly waives his right to make any type of claim in the event of this point.
    1. Modifications made will only be effective when they are in writing and signed by the company.
    2. When the client has any complaint or claim, they must immediately notify the company’s staff so that they can take the appropriate measures to solve it. If this is not possible, he must present it in writing. The claim document will have to be signed by the client and by someone responsible for the company.
    3. The company is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
    1. For the resolution of disputes or discrepancies regarding the interpretation or their own jurisdiction, the parties expressly submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the Marina authorities, and, where appropriate, the Courts and Tribunals of Vilagarcía de Arousa.